Trendy Paints

Decorative Resins for Floors and Renovations

The decorative resins developed by TrendyPaints are a turning point in the design and renovation of interior spaces and new environments. These resins bring high-quality and high-performance coatings to flooring and walls, and they are easy to apply. A special feature of these decorative coatings is they have a warmer feel, like a wood floor, in stead of a cold feel like a tile floor. You can feel the difference when you walk on the floor with bare feet or touch the wall with your hand. This warmer feel is a result of the insulation materials in the resin that also helps to save energy.
Another benefit of these resins is the ease of application. In just 2-3 mm of paint thickness, you will have the primer, resin, and the clear topcoat. This is possible because the new technology in the primer allows the paint to adhere very well to many types of tiles like single-fired (for floors) and double-fired (for decoration) and porcelain stoneware. The primer also fills in the tile joints with an invisible mesh to create a smooth surface that is resistant to stretching. Another finally, these resins can be painted on different surfaces that require higher resistance like on the tops of tables, furniture, and decorative objects.
The materials in these resins are bi-component and water-based instead of the commonly used solvent-based. This makes them environmentally friendly. Currently, the resins are available for use on floors with the following paints: NaturalConcrete, RawConcrete, SmoothConcrete, and Urban Concrete. The finished look will be the same as if applied on the wall.