Trendy Paints

TrendyPaints Stylish Decorative Paints and Resins

This unique collection of paints and resins was developed for interior walls, surfaces, and objects.  Each of the paints imitates the typical surfaces found in an urban environment.  The paint effects include: NaturalStone effect, RawConcrete and AgedConcrete paints, Rust and Verdigris effect paints, and Pearl, Metallic, and Glitter paints.  They can be painted on many surfaces including wood and metal due to the high-performance primers and high-resistance transparent topcoats.  And all TrendyPaints are water-based with low VOC levels to reduce the impact on the environment.

paint and resin for urban concrete effect seen in metropolitan areas
Urban Concrete effect paint

Urban Concrete transforms the surface into an urban environment with a slightly vintage look and soft touch.

paint and resin for raw concrete effect
Raw Concrete effect paint

Raw Concrete looks like it was handmade. It features the rich details of new concrete and is slightly rough to the touch.

water-based real rust effect paint
Rust effect paint

RedOxFE arethe ideal rust effect paintsto enhance walls and surfaces. Theycreate a very realistic oxidized rust effect that is beautifully to seeand nice to feel.

water based verdigris effectpaint
Verdigris effect paint

RedOxCU are decorative paints for walls and surfaces that are naturally oxidized todevelop a greenpatina with brass and verdigris colours.

paint and resin for natural stone effect
NaturalStone effect

The NaturalStone effect imitates nature with soft colours, a smooth texture, and some white particles for contrast.

Crystal Stone effect

CrystalStone paint recreates the typical mountain stone with white and black pieces separated by layers of rough stone that hasreflective metal particles.

paint and resin for granite stone effect
Granite Stone effect

GraniteStone incorporates a mixture of white and black particles for a very realistic look with a slightly rough texture.

water-based decorative pearl effect paint
Pearl effect

Seapearl has a beautiful pearl like appearance that is soft to the touch. It brings elegance and sophistication to interior walls and surfaces.

decorative paint with glitter for interior walls
Metallic Glitter effect

Xiramet metallic paints have a pearl like shine with a little texture.  They are  perfect for any interior wall or surface where you want the metallic gold or silver effect.