Trendy Paints

Antique Brass Effect Decorative Paint

RedOx BR.05 is a beautiful Antique Brass effect paint, from TrendyPaints, that naturally oxidizes interior surfaces like walls, furniture, or decor items in just a few hours. The paint blends brass and copper microspheres that realistically oxidize the surface to produce the beautiful brass patina. The paint was developed with architects and design professionals who wanted modern paints and finishes for their interior projects.
This water-based Antique Brass paint is easy to apply with a roller or brush and it can be painted indoors on plasterboard walls and other surfaces, smooth or rough. Before starting, it is suggested to paint the surface with a light coloured paint to make a smooth surface. When completed, the surface will be slightly rough with a matt finish that shows the unique characteristics of the oxidized antique brass.
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