Trendy Paints

TrendyPaints: Who are we

TrendyPaints is a registered trademark of the company Cromas s.r.l. who is a leader in the development and manufacturing of special paints for industrial and professional industries. The TrendyPaints line was developed to support architects and designers in their need for professional finishes for interior surfaces (walls and floors), furnishings and decor items. All TrendyPaint products are water-based and non-toxic for use in interior spaces and new environments.

Main characteristics of the paints and resins:

  • – Unique paints that have a wonderful and realistic look and feel with textures from smooth to rough.
  • – Paints developed from many different raw materials with surprising creative results.
  • – High-performance paints formulated with resins and pigments of the highest quality based on the experiences of Cromas Paints.
  • – TrendyPaints can be applied with a roller or spatula on many types of surfaces and materials including walls, floors, furniture, decorative objects and even metal surfaces.
  • – Our technical assistance is unlike retailers. We developed our paints, so we understand them and how to apply them. We can offer support for projects large and small.
  • – Most of our paints have very low VOC levels based on the legal limits (2004/42/EC) and we use the latest generation of biocides that are environmentally friendly.
  • – Application of our paints and resins are easy with minimal working time to apply the paints.
  • – When the decorative resins are used on floors, they help with energy savings because they are designed to increase the thermal insulation of surfaces.