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Black Verdigris Effect Decortive Paint

RedOx KC.04 is a wonderful Black Verdigris effect paint that naturally oxidizes a darker copper base colour to produce a beautifully aged green patina in just a few hours. The result is a surface that looks like it was outside for many, many years. The paint was developed for architects and design professionals who wanted original paints and finishes for walls and furniture.
The paint contains copper microspheres that are naturally oxidized on the surface to produce the green patina. This patina develops in only a few hours where it would take years if placed outside. The application is easy and it is available in three colours–Verdigris, Black Verdigris, and Antique Brass. Among the three colours, the Black Verdigris is different because it uses a darker shade of copper to produce a very nice colour that looks like it was outside for many years.
This water-based paint can be applied on plasterboard walls and other surfaces, smooth or rough. Before starting, it is suggested to paint the surface with a light coloured paint to make a smooth surface. When completed, the surface will be slightly rough and show the unique characteristics of the oxidized copper with the aged green patina.For more informaiton, please contact our technical staff.

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