Trendy Paints

CrystalStone Effect Decorative Paint and Resin

The CrystalStone paint and resin realistically imitates the look and feel of rocks found in the mountains. This mixture contains metallic sparkles along with black and white particles to create this decorative look. With the proper lighting, you can see how the metallic sparkles reflect the light for a unique effect.
The application of this TrendyPaint is fast and easy with a trowel or spatula and it can be painted onto walls (large and small), furniture, decorative items, and even metal surfaces. This effect paint is versatile and results in a unique and eye-catching coating. And depending on the design requirements, you can choose between a matt or glossy transparent topcoat.
All TrendyPaints are water-based, non-toxic with low VOC levels so they are environmentally friendly. Many stylish colours are available and custom colours can be produced by request. You can see some of the colours in the below colour catalogue.


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