Trendy Paints

GraniteStone Effect Decorative Paint and Resin

The GraniteStone effect has been developed to beautifully imitate real granite. This resin paint is blended with difference sizes of white and black particles for a realistic stone effect that is not smooth and not too rough. And depending on the decorative needs, the surface can be rough or made to be smoother. GraniteStone is easy to apply using a trowel or spatula and the result is a finish with minimal thickness that is eye-catching on walls, furniture, and decor objects.
This paint is versatile and results in a unique and appealing coating. And depending on the design requirements, you can choose between a matt or glossy transparent topcoat.
All TrendyPaints are water-based with low VOC levels so they are environmentally friendly. Many stylish colours are available and custom colours can be produced by request. You can see some of the colours in the below colour catalogue.


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