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NaturalStone Effect Decorative Paint and Resin

Stone has been one of the most widely used natural material for surfaces and buildings for many years. Now, this NaturalStone paint, from TrendyPaints, is available to enhance the decoration of many surfaces like walls, plasterboard walls, and furniture.
This rock effect paint and resin was developed with white particles to create texture and natural streaks in the paint and resin mix that immitate the look and feel of real stones found in nature. This rock effect paint is versatile and results in a unique and applealing coating on many surfaces. This finished effect is available with a matt or glossy transparent to complete the design.
All TrendyPaints are water-based with low VOC levels so they are environmentally friendly. Many stylish colours are available and custom colours can be made by request. You can see some of the colours in the below colour catalogue.


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