Trendy Paints

Rust Effect Decorative Paint

Through research and development, TrendyPaints has developed this unique Rust effect paint that brings the rustic outdoors indoors. The paint contains real metal microspheres that go through a natural oxidization process that results in a very realistic rust effect in just a few hours. It is available in three colours to transform interior surfaces, furniture, and decor.
Painting with the Rust effect is a stylish and new solution that looks great and it has a wonderful texture. RedOx FE uses only high-quality raw materials and is water-based. The application is easy as you only need a paint roller or brush for painting interior walls or furniture. For metal surfaces such as stairs, there is a high-quality primer to protect the metal surface. The end results are surfaces that are covered with real rust that look like they been exposed to the outside weather for years.
Because of this quality and simple application, the paint has been selected by many architects and professionals for use in their designs. The possible uses for this paint are many, please contact our technical staff for more informaiton.


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